Penguin Of The Month

Penguin Of The Month: July

© 2014 Arco Images / Alamy
“Both female and male emperor penguins take care of chicks.”
I’m really liking the continuity here because you can see some emperor penguins in the background tobogganing around, which they mentioned on the June penguin page! I’ve always wondered how you see fluffy baby penguins, and you see grown up penguins, but you never see teenage penguins? At what point do they stop being grey and fluffy and start to go from cute to elegant?! This reminds me of the time my friend asked me if penguins have knees. (For the record – yes, they do.)

Penguin of the Month is taken from the Brown Trout Penguins 2015 calendar. All copyrights belong to Brown Trout and the quoted copyright owner.

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