Four For Friday

Four For Friday #17

Four… Favourite German Snacks

By now I’m pretty sure everyone knows I grew up in Germany, and that meant that I got to experience some great German snacks. Here’s a list of my four favourites!

1) Leibniz Butterkeks

These are literally butter biscuits. They sell biscuits similar to these in the UK, but only with chocolate on them. I like chocolate fine but these are so nice without chocolate. The closest thing we have that doesn’t have chocolate on it, is probably Rich Tea biscuits! My family recently went over to Germany for my cousin’s wedding, I would’ve loved to have gone back but I had to work. Anyway they asked if I wanted anything bringing back and my eyes lit up and I asked for a couple of packets of these. Sadly, though, my mum has pinched one of my packets!
2) Jumpys
These are literally tiny, 3D kangaroo-shaped crisps. What’s more amazing than that? They were paprika flavoured, and if you didn’t play with each kangaroo before eating it you were a loser child, basically.
3) Haribo Goldbären
Okay so you can get Goldbären over here, they’re just Gold Bears, but it’s totally not the same. Okay it’s exactly the same. Except for the language. Haribo are a German company anyway. I remember when I first came back to the UK and I heard the Haribo jingle in English, it was so confusing.
4) Kinder Überraschung
You can totally get these over here too but like with the Haribo, Kinder is a German company so it counts under the German snacks category. I hear these are banned in the USA, something to do with inedible objects hidden inside food… But these are little chocolate eggs with little toys inside! They were pretty much a staple for all kids back in the day, and they’re still popular now. I saw that not so long ago they started doing packaging with a pink tint and a blue tint with girl and boy toys inside respectively and that kind of felt really unnecessary, we never needed that when we were little!

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