Gift Ideas

1) Blue Tile Print Square Neck Cami, was £12.99 now £9.50 from New Look 

2) Wide Fit Pink Stripe Ballet Pumps, £9.99 from New Look
3) LePow Moonstone 6000 mAh Portable Charger, £15.49 from Amazon
4) Smoke + Mirrors (Deluxe CD) by Imagine Dragons, £9.69 from Amazon
5) The Long Utopia by Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter, £14.99 from Waterstones
6) Vintage Style Jurassic Park Baseball T-Shirt, £12 from LemontreeLaneHome on Etsy

The end of July/start of August has always been a busy time in my family – my mum, brother, and dad all share the space of one week for their birthdays (then there’s me off on my own in December…). Sometimes I really struggle for ideas and sometimes I have too many and have to try and narrow it down so I don’t buy all the things. This year I seem to have somehow found the perfect balance. I have no idea how.

Mum’s Gifts
Mum and I went shopping not that long ago, and she spotted this top and pair of shoes in New Look, but they didn’t have either of them in her size! Luckily I managed to spot them online, so I’ve sneakily gone and ordered them for her. She definitely won’t be expecting it so I’m looking forward to seeing her reaction!
My Aunty, Mum’s sister, came to visit from Malaysia not so long ago and brought her PowerBank with her. Since then Mum keeps asking me about portable chargers. I have an Anker one which I got to take to Leeds Festival with me last year, so I needed one with a high capacity. Unfortunately that means it’s quite chunky and heavy. My brother got himself one of these LePow Moonstones in the Boxing Day sales on Amazon, and we both decided that she’d probably benefit from having one too. She can take it with her when we go to Rome!

Brother’s Gifts
I’ll never forget the day my brother comes up to me and goes, “do you know this band called Imagine Dragons?” And I went and got my copy of Night Visions and said, “I’ve had this for two months now, yes I do!” He’s the older one, you see, so he takes the credit for the vast majority of my music taste. So to be able to have beaten him to a band was a very new thing for me! He bought the deluxe version of Night Visions but I don’t think he’s got Smoke + Mirrors yet so I’ll get him the deluxe version of that.
He’s always been a fan of Terry Pratchett’s books, and the new one came out in June so I’m reasonably certain he won’t have that yet. We were really sad to hear of Sir Pratchett’s passing earlier in the year so I’m sure this one will be a bit bittersweet but he’ll enjoy it nonetheless.
I got Louise a Jurassic Park baseball t-shirt for her birthday in June, but it had three-quarter length sleeves. As soon as it arrived my brother told me he wanted one, but only if it didn’t have the long sleeves. Thankfully Etsy is a magical place where you can get basically anything, so I’ve managed to find exactly what he wanted! He won’t be expecting that so I’m excited about that!

It’s so hard to shop for people who already have most of the things they want/need and don’t think “oh, it’s my birthday in a couple of weeks, maybe I’ll ask for this instead of buying it for myself!” Where do you all get your inspiration from when you’re shopping for your family? Let me know please!


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