Bobble Water


Bobble are a company I had heard of many years ago, when Sophia Bush became their brand ambassador. I had always wanted to try it out, but we always had water filters and sustainable bottles in our house so it kind of felt a bit pointless getting another. But I was in Tesco last week and saw that some of them were on offer, so decided I was going to get one. I got the 1-litre version with a blue filter and it was £8. There were 550ml versions and versions with different coloured filters available too.
I had been using a Brita Fill & Go beforehand which was quite good but started to get mouldy very quickly. The main difference between the two is the Brita worked more like a straw, and this is more like an actual bottle. It also leaked a little bit the first time I used it but I think that could have been something to do with the filter not having been filled yet, because it hasn’t done it since.
Overall I like the water bottle but it could be improved by being a straw like the Brita.
Do you have a Bobble bottle? Or do you have a different water bottle to recommend? Let me know!

4 thoughts on “Bobble Water

  1. I absolutely adore my Bobble bottle, it's the only way that I can ensure that I will make a point of drinking lots of water and it saves the ridiculous cost of buying plastic bottles every other day which is what I used to do. It also means that at work, no one can ever accidentally take my bottle because it's very recognisable next to all the Evian and Highland Spring!

    Hannah Simpson Writes


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