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My Little Road Trip Box – July

It felt like ages, although it was only 9 days, between getting the email telling me my box was travelling to me and actually receiving it this month. Maybe, as with all the best road trips, it got a little lost on the way over! Aww it just wanted to stick with the theme!

Because of the theme, I decided to do the little photoshoot in my car this time around. It really made me feel a little gutted I wasn’t actually going on a road trip! Annoyingly there aren’t exactly loads of places to go road tripping to in my corner of England, so my friends’ and my road trips tend to end up being to the Trafford Centre… I am going to Rome next month though (but sadly not road tripping!) so I’m looking forward to taking some of these goodies with me.

This month’s little poster card says, “Life is like a road trip: enjoy each day and don’t carry too much baggage,” which I think it a great little saying, especially since I’m not one for much baggage, either emotionally or on holidays!
My Little Paris have teamed up with Bic for two things: a little collection of what they’re calling the ‘Postcard 2.0’ (£3.50 from which is actually more like a parcel – you can open it up then fill it with souvenirs and other nick backs to send back to yourself! There’s also a Cristal Stylus pen (£1.40 by Bic) – I’m always accidentally trying to write on my iPad with a real pen, or on paper with my stylus, so it’ll be easier to swizzle it round and use the right end! I just wish it was a black pen rather than blue, but I’ll live!
The most exciting thing was the Travel Organiser. It’s got pouches for debit cards, bank notes, travel tickets, even a space for your passport! It’s plastic too so I’m guessing it’s waterproof. It seems great for someone as scatterbrained as myself because I’m always losing things in the depths of my bags.
1) Essie Nail Polish, £7.99 per 13.5ml. The colour of this one is called ‘Roarrrrange,’ I’m not sure if anyone received any different colours, because the little informational card suggested there was a green and a purple too, but the reviews I’ve looked at so far all feature the Roarrrrange! I’m not too sure I’d wear an orange nail polish because it’d likely clash with my hair a little bit. Or would it compliment it? Mum has volunteered to wear it on her toes for summer though!
2) Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, £1.99 for 125ml or £4.99 for 400ml. I always use face wipes to take my make up off but I’ve been told I should probably start using some tonic instead, and the fact that this bottle says “even for sensitive skin” makes me feel a little better about using it because my eyes always sting using anything else (hence the continued use of wipes.) My mum also pointed out that the cleansing water would also be really kind on sunburnt faces, and to be honest, I’m very likely to be sporting one of those, so this is definitely coming on holiday with me.
3) Temporary Tattoo Set by DCER, £3.50. I used to love temporary tattoos when I was younger! I’m still kind of hankering after a real tattoo but I know my mum would kill me off if I came home with some permanent ink under my skin, so I’ll have to give that a miss. I love the fact that these are gold-coloured too, it’s slightly different from the usual black. It’ll glimmer in the sun too, not that there’s much of that in England!
4) Summer Sorbet – After Sun Body Gelée by My Little Beauty, £9. Lastly we’ve got some after sun by the My Little Beauty brand. As I mentioned before I’m very likely to burn in the sun this summer and I always make sure I stock up on loads of after sun and aloe vera. The contents of the gel inside this little tube include aloe barbadensis leaf juice, I frankly have no idea what that is but I spy the word ‘aloe’ so that must be pretty soothing. Also it smells absolutely heavenly which is another vital thing for me with after sun. I might even go pop this in my suitcase right now so I know I won’t forget it..!



11 thoughts on “My Little Road Trip Box – July

  1. What a great idea, I've never heard of this box before so had to give it a quick google. I think living up North there are plenty of places not too far away which make great road trips. You should definitely visit Abersoch or go to talacre beach for the day.

    Francesca | Fashion Dough


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