Four For Friday

Four For Friday #18

Four… Sagittarius things according to Tumblr

I’m generally a really skeptical person, I know the psychology behind horoscopes (honestly, having a psychology degree sucks all the fun out of things like this) so I know how irrational it is to agree with any of it. I know all this, yet I find myself being sucked into the spiral of checking my horoscope anyway. On Tumblr there’s been a recent surge in posts like ‘what fruit tree is your sign?’ And I try to pretend I don’t care but I actually really feel relieved to find this information out. (In case you were wondering, I am an olive tree. I wasn’t aware an olive was a fruit, but you learn something new every day.) Here’s my collection of the best things Tumblr has informed me that goes along with being a Sagittarius.

1) The Signs As Fall Out Boy Self-Descriptive Lyrics
A natural choice, it’s Fall Out Boy related so this shouldn’t even remotely come as a surprise. My self-descriptive FOB lyric comes from the song Where Did The Party Go? from the album Save Rock And Roll. The lyric is: “I’m here to collect your hearts.”

2) Morning Beauties vs Morning Beasts
This one was interesting. Obviously I know someone has just randomly allocated these, but I find it perfect that I fall into the Morning Beast category. Specifically, “Will probably kill you. Violently. With an alarm clock. And eyes still closed.”

3) The Signs’ True Weaknesses
“The dark, falling, clumsiness.” As I’m known to be the type of person who can actually trip over their own bare feet, I’d say this is incredibly accurate. I actually really like the dark, but it does make me even clumsier. The amount of times I’ve dropped my lip balm down the back of my bed and had to rearrange furniture in the middle of the night to get it back doesn’t bear thinking about.

4) The Signs As Greek Gods
When I was growing up I was absolutely obsessed with Greek Mythology and everything relating to it. So when I saw this one and found out that my corresponding Greek God was “Zeus, God of Lightning and the Weather,” I was stupidly excited! I am Zeus! Bow down!

Have you been taken in by the horoscope memes on Tumblr? What’s your favourite of yours that you’ve seen so far?



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