Things From The Week #10

Trafford Centre with Lou

This is more of a two-week post because the past two weeks on their own have been completely dull as it’s been hectic in work. But I managed to escape a little, enough to take a trip to the Trafford Centre with Lou and two of her work friends. We went to Five Guys (one of them had never been before!) and had a look around the shops. I love this t-shirt we saw in Hollister because the three of them all work in a coffee shop, and Lou really related to this.


This is so obvious because this show has completely taken over my life recently, you can read my spoiler-free review of it over here! I got home from work on Saturday and felt like watching something that would really hold my wavering attention span. I had been meaning to watch this for a while so I gave it a go, and less than 48 hours later I was finished with all 12 incredible episodes. I honestly really can’t recommend this show enough!

Bloggers Planner

I ordered a planner from The Bloggers Planner and it arrived really speedily – much faster than I was expecting! I naturally took an artsy photo of it and stuck it straight on Instagram. Thinking ahead I had asked for the planner to be printed as August 2015 – August 2016, but it arrived on Tuesday, July 21st, meaning I’m a little stuck and not really able to use it for a couple of weeks, oops! I’m really excited to start using it because obviously I’m really scatterbrained, forgetful and distractible, so hopefully this will help me get my mind in order! I’ll write a proper little review for it when I finally get a chance to test it out.
Radical Film
Louise has started her own blog this week, Radical Film! She’s always been passionate about movies and she’s even got a degree in… something to do with TV and movies. So she’s started a blog so she can write all about movies! Her first proper post is about her top five 80’s movies, and she’s made some really brilliant choices if I do say so myself (we totally discussed it a little bit beforehand). She’s just getting started so if you check out her blog that’d be really cool, thanks guys!
Samsonite vs. Escalator
If you follow me on Pinterest you may have seen me mentioning suitcases on my Travel board. This week I finally took the plunge and bought my new suitcases! I went with a four-wheel Samsonite Ultimocabin and a four-wheel Samsonite Engenero. When I was trying to find out a bit more about the Engenero I came across this fantastic video, along with a few more ‘Samsonite vs …’ videos. Needless to say I’m happy in the knowledge that I can chuck my new suitcase down the stairs and not shatter any photo frames that may be inside!

6 thoughts on “Things From The Week #10

  1. Oooh I really want a blogger planner, I'm going to get one ordered in a few weeks. I wish I could have got into sense 8 but after a few episodes I just couldn't which is a shame as everyone is raving about it. Looks like you've had a great week.

    Georgia x

    Georgia Petite


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