Four For Friday

Four For Friday #19

Four… best Pop Buzz pop punk quizzes/articles

1) Can You Guess The Fall Out Boy Song From The Emoji Lyrics?

Fall Out Boy are so in love with emojis that they recently released an Emoji t-shirt for World Emoji Day (yes, of course I got one, why are you even asking?). So it stands to reason that someone made this very relevant quiz. I obviously got 10/10, but I’d just like to point out that my mum (#FallOutMum) managed to get 7/10 because there were two songs she hadn’t even heard of and one she accidentally got wrong. But that’s impressive!

2) Which Pop Punk Frontman/Woman Are You?

I have to admit that I was kind of trying to get Alex Gaskarth when I took this one. Not that it worked. I got Hayley Williams. About 5 years ago I would probably have been trying to get her so I’m not complaining.

3) 12 Signs That You Might Be A Pop Punk Cliché

I pretty much self-admit that I am a walking pop punk cliché, so my results from this came as no surprise to me. I agreed with almost all of these (I actually don’t sit around arguing what is/isn’t pop punk on the internet, totally because of this P.Stump tweet: “Stray thought for the day: Putting boundaries on how punk should sound/look is the least punk rock thing one can do. Be yourself=Very punk.” — Patrick Stump (@PatrickStump) July 2, 2012). But I even read them out to my mum and she was all, ‘oh my god you’re such a walking cliché!!’

// 4) How Well Do You Remember The Lyrics To “Dear Maria, Count Me In?”

This lyrical knowledge test was easy-peasy! 12 out of 12, obviously. All Time Low are my second favourite band after Fall Out Boy, after all! In fact, I have a playlist called ‘The Ultimate Playlist’ comprised of the back catalogues of both FOB and ATL. My favourite playlist. Ah.


5 thoughts on “Four For Friday #19

  1. As a teenager I was definitely a pop punk cliche, oh I loved Sum 41, Blink 182, Bowling for Soup, the list goes on and on! I may have to take that test just for nostalgia purposes.


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