Things From The Week #11

Inside Out

On Tuesday I used my Super Tuesday Vue code to go and see Inside Out with Kirsty and Nia. We were all really excited to see it, and we all loved the Lava short beforehand (especially Kirsty, who just loves watching things with singing in.) We also tried figuring out which of the emotions we were, and decided that Kirsty was Anger, Nia was Joy and I… don’t really have a predominant emotion. Although this week I’ve felt a close connection to Sadness. Then we went for pizza at Frankie & Benny’s, so it was a great day!
Fall Out Emoji

For World Emoji Day on July 17th, Fall Out Boy did a limited edition t-shirt, which I mentioned in my last post. Well it arrived this week and I think it’s just awesome! My tickets to see the band in October arrived this week too, so I’ve just had a really Fall Out Week to be honest.
Mum’s Birthday

It was mum’s birthday on Friday! She decided she didn’t want to do much but we went on a drive and she chose a Special Toffee cake by Thornton’s. She wanted to cook steak and made her own chips instead of going out which was a little disappointing but it’s what she wanted! Here’s what I got for her, too, along with a personalised card from Moonpig (I love making those).

Go Compare Man Is Back
For some reason Go Compare have brought back their irritating opera singing representative. I saw this ad on TV just yesterday and the way I see it, if I’ve had to endure his return then I’m taking all of you down with me.


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