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Rome Adventures: Day 1

My mum and I have come on holiday to Rome! So naturally I’ve decided to do a Rome Adventures diary-style feature, as all the good bloggers do. First of all, of course, we have the obligatory plane-wing-with-clouds photo up there. Obviously.
Before I left I made Louise download Snapchat, so I could keep her updated on all the yummy food and all the pretty sights was going to see. But the first two I sent were saying bye to Manchester and a great big ciao to Rome!
Since we couldn’t get a direct flight from Manchester we ended up having to connect over in Brussels. This meant the total journey time got quite long, and it was after 6pm Rome time by the time we got to the hotel. So we just chilled out a bit, sorted out our suitcases (including cleaning out a mini-explosion in mine… RIP heat defence hair spray…) and went for a wander and some dinner. The hotel lift had a sign for the lobby, except instead of ‘Lobby’ it said ‘Hall,’ so we kind of felt like it was our own personal lift. We went to a little cafe on the corner as recommended to us by one of the receptionists, but sadly we weren’t terribly impressed! I got quite a nice photo of St Paul’s cathedral all lit up in the dark, and then had some yummy ice cream.
The plan for tomorrow is to head to Vatican City and hopefully catch the Papal audience, but if we don’t make that then we’ll probably end up being like Joey and Chandler on a sightseeing tour bus. (I’ll be Joey, mum’ll be Chandler. She doesn’t like selfies either.)

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