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Rome Adventures: Day 2

As you can see, Day 2 started off as a bit of a washout (photo credit: my mum!). There was lightning and thunder and everything- it disrupted some flights and made the local news as well! We looked up what to do in Rome when it’s raining, since we couldn’t exactly go on an open-roof bus tour. A few people said the Pantheon was the place to be, so that’s where we headed.
Whilst we were there the sky decided to brighten, so we took the opportunity to mosey over to the Piazza Navona, too. We went inside the church and had lunch (pizza again, of course) and had a good look at all of the fountains. We then walked back to the hotel past a couple of piazzas and pretty buildings. The walk didn’t feel as long as it seemed like it would based on the bus ride and estimated walking distances. We got changed because we were sweltering – we went out in thin jumpers and jeans because of the storms! We then headed out again.


This time we went to the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain, the latter of which was closed for renovations. Gutted! There was a little pool to chuck your coins into, though, and I’m pleased to say mine went right into the water! Yay! Then we got some ice cream, and whilst it may look like it’s snot flavoured in the photo, I can promise it was supposed to have been green apple. I say supposed to, because it actually tasted quite limey. Not good!

Since we couldn’t do the open-top bus today, that’s now become tomorrow’s plan instead!


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