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Rome Adventures: Day 3

Today we finally got on the Sightseeing tour bus! But it’s left me with hardly any photos, because I took them all on my DSLR, and have no way of getting them to my phone, having not brought my laptop. Genius.

We hopped on at the Vatican which is the stop nearest our hotel, and rode it all the way round to the Colosseum. We’ve accidentally already been everywhere else on the tour..! We were given a map and some headphones, to listen to the on-board tour guide, which came in 8 different languages, hence the headphones.

Our tickets included access to the Forum and Palatine Hill as well as the Colosseum so we spent absolutely ages wandering around (almost as long as we spent standing in queues). When we finally stopped for a late lunch/early dinner, I decided to try something other than the pizza for a change, mmm lasagne! After that we headed back to the hotel, stopping for a piña colada for me and a beer for mum, which came with a free slice of pizza as part of an offer! We were too full, even for the little slice, but we’re definitely going to remember that the offer exists for when we’re feeling peckish over the next few days!



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