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Rome Adventures: Day 4

Our hotel is right by the Vatican but because I read somewhere that you need a guided tour to get into the city, we only went exploring on day 4. Our tour guide was so lovely and knowledgeable, she kept making sure everyone was okay and keeping up, and then at the end she even helped us skip the queue into St. Peter’s Basilica.
We spent hours wandering around and thankfully it was mostly indoors, giving this ginger’s skin a bit of a break! We saw John Paul II’s tomb amongst others, but there was a mass going on so quite a few parts were closed off.
We went back to the same cafe as we went to on day 3 and I had a classic Italian dish… cheeseburger and fries. In my defence, I did initially order penne and salmon but the waitress told me they had none left! Mum had a ham and cheese toasty though so I didn’t feel as bad for not eating real Italian food that day. I’ll find somewhere to sort my penne craving tomorrow instead, promise!

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