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Rome Adventures: Day 5

So maybe Day 5 should technically have been called Florence Adventures but that would cause a whole issue so I’m keeping it as Rome. Mum booked us train tickets to take a day trip to Florence, or Firenze as they call it. (Not Fiorentina, like I originally thought. That’s just a football team.)
We got on another CitySightseeing tour bus, although we didn’t go for the top deck this time, otherwise we’d probably nice and crispy burnt right now. We got off at Piazzale Michelangelo and saw the statue of the man himself as well as a great view of the whole city. I’ve taken 3 panoramic photos this trip, which is 3 more than I’ve ever (intentionally) taken.
At night we went back to Piazza Navona after we got the train back. We went to a different restaurant to the one we went to last time, and as you can see, I got another pizza, instead of the penne I promised to get. But they only had one kind of penne and I wasn’t feeling it. On the plus side this was probably definitely the best pizza I’ve had the entire trip (although that bar is pretty low.)

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