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Rome Adventures: Day 6

On Sunday morning we headed over to St. Paul’s square for the Pope’s Sunday blessing. Mum was raised Catholic although isn’t religious now, but it was still quite special for her. I wasn’t raised under any faith so I consider myself to be of no religion, but I was hardly going to let her go alone. Besides which, she doesn’t have a proper camera, just her phone, so she wanted me to get some snaps of him on my DSLR.
So there was this tiny dog called Ricci near where we were sitting, let me tell you the story. I’m sitting there by the obelisk listening to Fall Out Boy, staring off into nothing, and I see someone moving past so I glance up and come face to face with this puppy in a puppy handbag. Everyone obviously suddenly descends upon him, even the police, and he starts to look super scared, so I didn’t go over. A while later the owner lets him out of the bag to wander around on a leash, and that’s when he starts to love all the attention. He even came right over to me for snuggles at one point! Aww he brightened up my morning. After the blessing mum and I had a little drink from a water bottle we’d brought and she says to me, “heeeeey we’ve just drank holy water you know!”
Later on we headed back to Piazza Venezia to do some souvenir shopping and I had an amazing cherry gelato, mum had an amazing coffee gelato too.
For dinner I had, yes, another pizza… I’m really destined never to have that penne with salmon! Then we wandered back to St. Paul’s square to get some photos of it all lit up at night.
Side note, when we went on the CitySightseeing bus there was a British couple and all I could here was the woman shouting at her husband, “Pauuuuuuuul!!!!” And because I told a few of my friends about it, autocorrect now wants to say Pauuuuuuuul every time I try to say Paul. Typical!

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