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Rome Adventures: Day 7

On our last full day in the city (sad face) we decided to take it easy and wander around Rome’s answer to Cheshire Oaks, Castel Romano. They’re even owned by the same company!


We saw a gigantic shoe and an equally gigantic bag, a display of pink umbrellas with no real explanation, an awesome dinosaur named Stan, (sadly not pictured, I was too busy being excited) and this horsey’ head which is apparently important enough to be in the leaflets and on the first pictures you see when you google the place.
We didn’t really buy much, though, since we found that when we converted the prices they were about the same as the RRP in the UK. Mum picked up a lipgloss from L’Oréal and I got a present for someone (being deliberately coy here…). We were feeling only slightly peckish so when we walked past a place called Wok we thought we’d have a look in. They did a couple of Malaysian dishes so, after a week of Italian food, we thought we’d give it a go. We got chicken satay and nasi goreng, but I’m sad to report that it was awful! We should have known, really- the only people who can cook Malaysian food is real Malaysians!
That evening we just stayed in the hotel and polished off the crisps we bought for our trip to Florence but never ate, packed up and played a few rounds of Heads Up. And to top it all off, of course we had to watch the last episode of the lady who does kung-fu with fans! I’ve had a great time in Rome but I’m definitely glad to be going back. I miss my bed, my shower, my car, and my friends! (Not necessarily in that order.)



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