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Rome Adventures: Day 8

We’ve reached the end of my little diaries about my holiday to Rome! It’s been fun writing these up, I might have to start taking road trip weekends away more often so I can do more of these!
Our flight wasn’t until 5:50pm and the car to the airport was all booked for 2:50pm so we had the morning to wander around a last little bit. Firstly we tried a new cafe and had a milkshake and a cappuccino. The cafe had a little board of all the things they do, including ‘panini ass’? No thanks! We had a look at a load of little souvenir shops, although we had already bought everything so we really were just looking.
When we got to the airport the check-in assistant was very helpful, telling us that she didn’t want to send our bags through because the plane still hadn’t landed in Rome, and she didn’t want us to risk missing our flight. But eventually someone got in contact with her to say everything would run on time, which it did, so she checked our bags in. We bought a little bit of duty free – I got a bottle of Malibu and some Kinder Bueno, and Mum got herself some gin, and a Toblerone for my brother.
We got on the flight and knowing that we only had a 45-minute layover before our connection, we were ready to dash. We made it all the way through the airport and then were faced with security checks, just as they were putting out one of the last calls for our flight, but since it wasn’t the final call, we had to wait. We got through fine, but then the staff at the security desk at Brussels Airport decided they weren’t happy with our officially sealed, dedicated duty free bags, and insisted on taking the bottles out to check them. There were several other people around us facing the same problem, all aghast about it. What’s the point in having the sealed bags if they’re going to open them up anyway? The staff all knew we were trying to rush for our flight, too, which made the situation even worse. Alas, they checked the bottles and re-sealed them in another bag (pointless, so pointless) and we made our flight fine, it even still managed to take off on time, so that’s impressive. Now, are you ready for the kicker? We made the flight through passport control and security and everything… But our suitcases didn’t. We had to submit a missing suitcase form at Manchester Airport and head home with just our hand luggage. Luckily, as I’m writing this, my suitcase arrived about an hour ago, but sadly my mum’s is still missing. I’ve spoken to two people, both of whom said it should have been on the same flight as mine, so I’m feeling a little panicked about it. Hopefully it just got put on the next flight. Such a shame to ruin such a nice holiday on such a horrible and stressful note, though!



16 thoughts on “Rome Adventures: Day 8

  1. I hope the missing suitcase turns up soon – it's so stressful when luggage goes missing, but I always feel it's better for it to go missing on the way home than spoil the holiday!
    I have never been to Rome but it sounds like you had a great time =)


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