Things From The Week #12

Missing Suitcases

If you were following my Rome Adventures, you probably read that our suitcases went missing on our way back. Thankfully mine was delivered on the Wednesday afternoon, but I then spent a long time on the phone to the company in charge of finding it over the next few days trying to find mum. Several phone calls and angry tweets later, mum’s suitcase finally showed up on Friday night, a full 72 hours after we got back. The most important thing is that it’s back!

National Burger Day
So I landed back in England after Rome on Tuesday night, spent Wednesday panicking about missing suitcases, then the first thing I did Thursday was, obviously, spend time with Louise. We went to the Trafford Centre, watched Paper Towns and got Five Guys. This was already the plan but then we found out it was National Burger Day! So Louise got a hot dog. Fair enough.
Gaaaaarlic Bread
On Saturday I went for dinner with two of my work friends so they could catch me up on all of the gossip after my two weeks off, before going back tomorrow. We went to Frankie & Benny’s (of course I got pizza, and yes it was better than the pizza from Rome…) and while we were there they were having a charity event. Our waitress had scratchcards, so we all bought one and we all won free garlic bread! So that’s 3 more trips to F&B for us in the future!
Deadpool Trailer
Yes, I know I may be several weeks behind, but I never shared the Deadpool trailer and so I’m rectifying this mistake now. I’ve shared the green band trailer because Deadpool is famed for being a bit rudey, but you can easily find the red band one on YouTube if you want to!

28 thoughts on “Things From The Week #12

  1. That burger looks great! Isn't the deadpool trailer amazing! I wasn't too fussed about it at first, my boyfriend is the super hero fan, but I've gotta say that it looks like its going to be a brilliant film


  2. So glad your mums suitcase turned up eventually! Can imagine the headache that caused!
    We tried 5guys burgers when out in America. Never had the urge to try it when we got back and saw them in the Trafford centre, think the price put me off! Did it taste as good as they say?


  3. This is why we travel with hand baggage only as often as we can. Lost luggage is just a nighmare to cope with. F&Bs have just opened in Exeter so I will have the chance to find out just how good they are.


  4. Thank you Stacey! And apparently 5 Guys UK is just as good as 5 Guys in the USA – I've never had it out there so I can't tell, but I've been reliably informed that they're very comparable! x


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