Why I Love Autumn

If you asked my what my favourite season was, my mind would instantly jump to thoughts of crinkly brown leaves, knitted jumpers, big old scarves, and bobble hats. My favourite season is autumn.
Autumn varies in different countries, to be honest. In groggy old England where you don’t get much by way of any of the seasons, for instance, it’s kind of just grey. You still get the dead leaves on the ground, except it’s probably been raining, so instead of being crispy, they’re probably soggy. But then, in Germany, for example, you get the full effects of autumn. You get the part where it’s just stopped being summer and just starts turning into autumn where it’s still a little warm, then you get the slight nip in the air before it gets really cold, before heading into winter. There are crispy leaves aplenty for you to crunch under your boots, and don’t forget that smell – I’m sure any fellow autumn lover knows exactly what I mean when I tell you that autumn has its own smell. Anyway, I always really look forward to autumn wherever I am, and let me share with you some of the reasons why that is.

Pumpkin Spice
Photo from the website

Make all the white girl jokes you like (I’m technically Eurasian) but if theres one stereotype I totally fall into, it’s the Pumpkin Spice obsession. As I’m writing this, on August 31st 2015, Pumpkin Spice officially comes back into UK stores from tomorrow. I am honestly so excited! As I’ve mentioned before I’m not actually one for coffee, and a couple of years ago I thought, why can’t I have a Pumpkin Spice hot chocolate? I ordered one and all the baristas were like ??? but they made a little extra, and they all tried it too, and we were amazed – some of them even said it was better than the latte version! Mmmmm, I can practically taste the pumpkinny goodness from here.

Knitwear, Especially Soft Scarves

Photo from the Zara website

Last year my friend Jess got a few really soft scarves from her brother from Zara for Christmas, and I have spent all year feeling jealous as anything. So I’ve been waiting for AW15 to hit the stores, and I finally got my own Zara scarf! They’re so cosy, and they’re absolutely huge, so you can wear them as a shawl or as a huge thick scarf. I love it already!!

Halloween Fever

Photo from the everystockphoto website

My favourite holiday is New Year’s, but I have a real soft spot for Halloween, too. I never really went trick or treating as a child because it wasn’t terribly big in Germany yet. My one experience of trick or treating was a traumatic one as I was abandoned by the people looking after me and ran all the way home on my own, bawling my eyes out. But they had to give me half of their sweeties each, so I guess you really do win some and lose some. These days I just really like the atmosphere surrounding the day – the spooky mystery and the slight nip in the air along with not knowing if people might just shout ‘boo!’ at you at any given point.

Everything’s Back On TV

Photo from the Sioux City Journal website

This one A) goes without saying and B) is probably a bit of a cheat, really. But it’s true! After taking a break for the summer, all the good shows are back on TV. And if something you really liked last year ended up not surviving the renewal cull, then you’re probably going to find something else to watch, because autumn brings with it all the premieres, too. Basically you can feel yourself winding down, and settling in for the season. Because deep down, we’re all big, hibernating, polar bears.



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