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My Little Gypset Box – August

Don’t say a word.
Yes, I know September itself is almost over and I’m only just now posting my review of August’s My Little Box. Things got really hectic after I got back from holiday and I’m only just being able to get back into the swing of things. Besides which, I haven’t actually received September’s My Little Box yet, anyway, so this is kind of a placeholder.
The theme this month (last month) is ‘Gypset.’ Do you know what that is? No, neither did I. Thankfully the little sticker was able to provide some insight:

So basically ‘Gypset’ is very similar to Bohemian, by the sounds of it. Frankly, I’m still a little confused.
The quote on the Gypset poster card said, “Be in love with your life, every minute of it.” – Jack Kerouac. I don’t think he ever worked in retail.
The lifestyle goodies this time around included a little bag (€25, around £18, from that My Little Box made in collaboration with Antik Batik, the sponsors of this box. The design is quite bohemian and maybe even a little Aztec themed, and on the website you can see there are a total of three different designs available.
With that, there were also four hair tie bracelets (€6, around £4, from which had very similar patterns on them. Despite the picture below (I was trying to be all artsy and do a night time photo session) the yellowy one is actually a nice shade of pink. The bracelets are all really soft, which is great because I always end up wearing a hair tie on my wrist and getting the little dent where it’s cut into my wrist. I reckon these will be pretty comfortable.

1) Korres Basil Lemon Body Milk, £10 per 200ml. Whilst my mum assures me that ‘lemon basil’ is actually nothing at all to do with lemons, I’m going to have to give this one a miss. The informational card says it’s a way to cling on to the last shreds of summer, with a lemon-scented body milk. I don’t like to take the risk of lemon-related illness, though. Sorry.
2) Bronzing Powder – Summer Caress by My Little Beauty, €19, around £14. As an incredibly pale person, I don’t use bronzer or any fake tan or anything, and I use an ivory-coloured foundation. I opened this little compact up and the first thing I thought was, “wow. That is dark.” It purports to fit all skin tones though, so I gave it a little go. You can see the results below.
3) So Susan Colour Hybrid, £14.50 per 10ml. The last red lip gloss from April’s My Little Box didn’t really do anything, it was really quite light. This one, however, came with a little warning that just a little dab goes a long way, so I tried it on hoping that it was at least a little more effective than the other one. Again, you can see the results and judge for yourself below.
A dab definitely did go a long way! I didn’t even use much and I had to spend a while blotting and rubbing the lip gloss. As for the bronzer, I felt like it was quite dark. As someone who only ever wears foundation, eyeliner and mascara, I looked up a tutorial and applied it accordingly. But, my mum saw it and didn’t comment, so I guess I must have done a good job! I’m just not used to wearing bronzer. But maybe I’ll start now..!
As for my September box, I’ll just keep sitting by the door, waiting for it to arrive…



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