Four For Friday

Four For Friday #20

Four… Things I’m looking forward to in the last 3 months of 2015

1) Meeting Fall Out Boy


I think I’ve been physically buzzing with excitement for this since around January now, and it’s finally so close I can almost taste it. Two weeks today I’m going to be meeting my favourite band of 12 years! I could cry with excitement and nerves, I don’t even know what to say to them… I feel like I should probably come up with some really memorable question? Just so I have something instead of nervous giggling and choking back the biggest fangirl tears. My meet & greet comes with an official photo opportunity so you can be sure that’ll be featuring on here at some point in the really near future!

2) Halloween


One of my all-time favourite Autocorrect fails wins is the way my phone loves to autocorrect my own name to Stephanie Halloween. Even though it’s one of those days where I don’t really do much, I love Halloween and the whole ‘spooky’ culture. I started feeling autumnal mid-August, and to be honest I’ve been ready for Halloween since then, too. I don’t even know why I like it so much because I only ever went trick-or-treating once and I had an absolutely horrific experience (I ran, alone, all the way back to the house of the kids who were meant to be looking after me and cried to my mum. Then their mum made them give me sweets for abandoning me.) I think I just like the atmosphere.

3) Work’s Christmas Do


I’m not a massive fan of the idea of Christmas dos, but this year our work do is going to be aboard a party barge. If you’ve ever spent 10 minutes with me you probably know at least three basic things about me: I love Fall Out Boy, I love pizza, and I love boats. The idea of a party barge instantly set a jingle bell off in my brain and now I can’t wait for it! My friend and I have already bet that our manager is going to decide he wants to go for a swim. Better invest in some floaties!

4) New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve has always been one of my favourite, if not my actual favourite, day of the year. Like with Halloween, there’s definitely a kind of atmosphere to it. I love lounging about at home all day, watching various Christmassy films (and, more recently, New Year’s Eve itself). Then my mum cooks party food like bacon shiploads, cocktail sausages, sausage rolls, mini pizzas if you’re lucky, and puts out crisps and dips and we watch all the New Year’s Eve TV like the countdowns to the end of the year. We love watching all the fireworks displays from all around the year. One day I will spend New Year’s Eve at One Times Square to watch the ball drop! Last year I had the rotten luck of working both New Year’s Eve AND New Year’s Day, so to pre-empt it, this year, I booked New Year’s Eve off before anything else could happen. I’m sure they’ll put me in on New Year’s Day itself, but I can live with that. Maybe.

20 thoughts on “Four For Friday #20

  1. I cannot believe that you are meeting FOB, I am so jealous 😉 The closest I got was at Leeds Festival, Pete came in to the crowd and I was almost close enough to shake his hand, but not quite, I was just out of reach 😦 X X


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