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My Little Fashion Box – September

You know how I posted my August post on Thursday and mentioned that my September box hadn’t arrived yet? Well, I got home from work on Friday and this was sitting on the table. Typical, isn’t it? Ah well, better a bit late than never! The theme this month is Fashion, which is probably to do with London Fashion Week having been earlier in the month.
The quote on the inside of the packaging this time was simply, “Très Chic,” which I feel is really cleverly done, because that small statement sticker is itself very simple and chic. The little poster card this time says, “The prettiest dresses are worn to be taken off” – Jean Cocteau. I’m not entirely sure what that’s supposed to mean to be honest, if I’m wearing a pretty dress it’s because I want to do little spins and look really cute. But alas.
My Little Box have teamed up with American Vintage to bring subscribers a really pretty scarf (€24, around £18, from whose pattern you can see in the bottom right of the photo below. The scarf is also ridiculously soft, I’m definitely looking forward to wearing it out!
There are also some alfa.k nail stickers (from €5.90, around £4, from which are super cute, over the course of my life I’d genuinely love to know how long in total I’ve spent staring at nail stickers, deliberating whether or not to get them. But now I have these to try out and I’m very excited!
1) Couture Styling Laque Noire by Kérastase, £16 for 300ml. I’ve mentioned my love for Kérastase before in my March box as well as my June box. So when I pulled this hairspray (okay, they call it ‘styling laque,’ but I’m going to level with you. It’s hairspray.) out of the bag of treats, I was so excited that I tried it on straight away. It smells fantastic and it does hold your hair very well, my only concern is that it’s a little too sticky, but I think that’s hard to avoid for a good, strong hold.
2) Effaclar K(+) Treatment by La Roche-Posay, £14.90 for 30ml. The informational card for this product says it’s good for people who find themselves having a bit of oil gathering on their face, on the chin or forehead or wherever. I do often find this to be the case, and this cream sounds like it’s both good for your skin and good for keeping bad stuff away. I’m definitely going to try this out, although I’m a little concerned about the slight tint to it, hopefully it won’t be too obvious on my ridiculously pale skin!
3) Red Dingue Lip Colour by My Little Beauty, €22, around £16. Ah yes. Another red lip colour. I saw this, and, to be honest, I sighed a little. That said, it’s turned out to be one of my favourites from the boxes so far! It’s the reddest red I’ve tried, and it’s incredibly easy to put on with the little wand. My only concern is that it’s matte and I don’t like wearing matte lip gloss, but that’s easily fixed with another lip product on the top. The informational sheet says it’s got staying power – and I can definitely confirm that! I took it off after taking the photo below because I thought it was a little too vibrant for work, and I ended up having to scrub my lips to get it off! I’m not complaining at all, my lipstick never stays put so I’m chuffed with it, but my advice would have to be to make sure you definitely want to wear it before putting it on..!
This is the sad part of the post where I have to have a little moan. Whilst I was waiting for my box to show up I had a look on Twitter to see if anyone else was waiting or if it was just me. Naturally I came across a number of reviews so I had a little look to see what was inside. Every review I read contained a bottle of Cointreau and a little recipe book for Cointreau-based cocktails. But as you can see, this was nowhere to be found in my box! This, after I was told there had been a problem processing my box, has let me down a little bit. But who knows, maybe they’ll drop an extra goodie in my box next month that nobody else will have, to make up for it? Weirder things have happened, right?

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