Things From The Week #13

Super Blood Moon
If you pay any attention to anything ever, you must have heard about the Super Blood Moon in the early hours of Monday morning. What happened was that the moon was really close to the earth (Super Moon) and also being eclipsed (Blood Moon). I tried to get photos but honestly it just looked like a small dot on the screen. The photo above has been zoomed in ridiculous amounts, and you can barely even tell what it is!
Selfies With Grandma
If you read my 8 Photos Of Happiness post you may remember seeing my selfie with Grandma (the one on the left). The other day, a year and two months after I took the first picture, I decided to try it again (the one on the right). As you can see I reached the same level of success. I’m not even sure if she’s glaring or squinting to see what I’m doing!
TGI Wednesday
A couple of weeks ago I texted Louise asking if she wanted to take a trip to TGI Friday’s because I’d been thinking about these cajun battered shrimp that they do. We finally went this Wednesday and we definitely weren’t disappointed! Louise got the Jack Daniels ribs and she said they were amazing too. I wish our nearest TGIs wasn’t all the way in the Trafford Centre..!
Panic! At The Disco – Victorious
This week Panic! At The Disco unveiled their new song, Victorious. At first I was really confused as to what exactly I was listening to but I think it’s grown on me. But I’m still not sure. Take a listen and tell me what you think!



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