Things From The Week #14

Fall Out Boy at the Manchester Arena
At this stage I honestly feel like there isn’t a single person in this world that I haven’t told about my trip to Manchester to meet and watch my favourite band play an amazing show. I think it was probably one of the best days of my life, having met the band who I’ve loved for 12 years is still a bit overwhelming over a week later! The meet and greet photos only went up in the early hours of Monday morning, so I’ve held off posting on here about it so I didn’t feel like I was bragging too much! Although I will warn you that this post is really Fall Out Boy-heavy. I’m not sorry.
The show itself was amazing – the meet and greet gang got let into the venue before the general audience, so I ended up right down at the front in the middle, aka the best view in the house. I was right in line with Andy the drummer, and I kept singing to him, and he kept laughing at me. Then during his drum solo he heard me cheer and looked up and winked at me, and at the end of the show as he was leaving the stage he pointed, waved, and blew me a kiss! And I was singing one of my favourite lyrics to Patrick, the singer, and he positively grinned down at me, and we were basically singing it to each other. The lyric was, ‘crowds are won and lost and won again, but our hearts beat for the diehards,’ so that’s a really special moment in my heart forever now!
All This For A Filling?
I’ve had a massive crack in my wisdom tooth for well over a year now – the dentists keep trying to fill it but every time they do I started clamming up and having panic attacks that something was going to get stuck in my throat. So they decided the only way to get it filled was to put me under using intravenous sedation. They still used the local anaesthetic on my gum and so half of my face was numb. I remember triple-checking with my dentist that he hadn’t extracted my tooth, and then when I got back to my bed after the filling my first thought was naturally ‘I need a selfie of how half my face is not working.’ The nurse said she was surprised at how quickly the anaesthesia wore off and I started being myself again!
Frame Me Up On Your Wall Just To Keep Me Out Of Trouble
So then on Friday I got around to buying some photo paper and a nice frame and printing off my meet and greet photo and hanging it up on my wall. It’s right by my bed so I can see it – you know, as if it’s not already my background on my phone, my iPad, my watch, my profile picture on Facebook… Anyway let’s get a closer look at this now-infamous photo, shall we?
Bask in its glory, I’m so in love with it. I love this band so much! So. Much.
Dance, Dance Turns 10


Saturday, October 17th, marked the 10-year anniversary of the release of Dance, Dance as a single. Nobody can quite believe it’s been that long! This song is still a classic though, so I hope you like a bit of nostalgia on a Sunday afternoon. Enjoy!

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