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My Favourite Non-Citrus Alcoholic Drinks

When you think of cocktails you tend to think of wedges of lime, or drinks topped up with lemonade, or mixed with orange juice or something. So as someone with a citrus intolerance I have to be a little more creative. And a lot of places I go won’t make me a ‘strawberry daiquiri without the lime juice, please,’ so it’s easier to ask for something that doesn’t contain citrus in the first place. Nobody ever minds leaving the wedge off the top. Here are five of my favourite drinks to order when I’m out.
5) ‘One Love’ Cocktail
I’ve only ever seen this one at Turtle Bay, and for that reason I’m putting it quite far down my list. But it’s delicious, it’s description on the website is: “Passion fruit liqueur. Blackwell rum, fresh passion fruit, coconut, Martini style.” I love passion fruit and I wish it was available in more places.
4) Piña Colada
If you like piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain, if you’re not into yoga, if you have half a brain…
I do, in fact, like piña coladas. This one is also quite far down the list simply because if you mess up the ratio of pineapple juice to everything else you end up getting something horribly tangy that sits in the back of your throat. But if you get the creamy deliciousness just right, then you’re really on to something. It’s just the gamble. And for anyone wondering, no, pineapples aren’t citrus!
3) Woo Woo
A Woo Woo is one of the few non-citrus drinks which can be considered a cocktail. I associate it with something you drink when you’re quite young and haven’t yet moved onto ‘harder’ alcohols, probably because it has vodka and peach Schnapps as well as cranberry juice. I rarely have Woo Woos anymore either, but they’re still tasty!
2) Vodka Cranberry
A Vodka Cranberry is a real classic of a drink, wherever you go, they’re almost certain to serve it. And all it consists of is vodka, and cranberry juice. You really can’t go wrong. It’s an alternative to Vodka and Coke, when you’re feeling like having something a bit fruity or non-fizzy. Another good one is Gin and Cranberry, which has the little extra kick of the juniper berry from the gin.

1) Cuba Libre


In the UK we generally refer to a Cuba Libre as just a Rum & Coke, but I wanted to make it sound a bit more fancy. My favourite drink to get when I’m out is a Malibu (coconut rum) and Coke. I always get it, unless the place doesn’t serve it (which is quite rare these days.) I think it’s the kind of become the type of thing that my friends associate with me, which I’m fine with! Whilst they’re all having things mixed with lemonade I’ve got my trusty old Malibu & Coke, and that’s absolutely fine by me.

What drink do you usually order when you’re out and about?


6 thoughts on “My Favourite Non-Citrus Alcoholic Drinks

  1. I have a similar problem, orange juice gives me a really jippy tummy. I'm not a lover of cola and wouldn't choose to drink it.
    My drink of choice is Vodka and Tonic or Vodka and Cranberry.


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