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Things From The Week #15

Red Cups Are Back!
On Monday I had my first Starbucks drink in a red cup of the year. Fittingly, I still had a pumpkin spice hot chocolate as opposed to an actual Christmas drink. It’s too early, Christmas isn’t allowed to start until after my birthday! I say this like I’m not going to get a toffee nut hot chocolate next time. I got a Venti size purely because I had a Starbucks reward for a free drink, but I think I could be tempted to getting Ventis more often. Oh no.
Twenty One Pilots at the Manchester Ritz
I only started listening to Twenty One Pilots a few months ago, but I heard they were playing in Manchester on Thursday and I decided I wanted to go. The problem was that it had sold out, but thankfully I made a friend on Twitter who had one to sell! Last minute shows are some of the best kinds of shows. I really enjoyed it, although I only got there at about 4:30pm because I had work in the morning, so I ended up in the middle of the crowd, which was a bit wild. Twenty One Pilots are amazing live though!
Quesadillas With Lindsey
On Tuesday Lindsey mentioned something about barbecue pulled pork quesadillas, so I asked if she’d ever had them from Chiquitos. She hadn’t, so we decided to go on Friday. Typically she didn’t get the quesadillas, but I did. We got churros afterwards too but were too full to finish them off, disappointing, I know! She’s since decided she wants to try everything on the menu. Oh no.
This week Popjustice released a poster which is definitely of Busted, saying that there’s going to be a special announcement on Tuesday and everyone is freaking out a little because that’s definitely Charlie in the photo and he insisted he’d never get back together with them. Here’s the poster:

I’m already prepared for buying tickets to see them. I saw McBusted because I never got to see Busted, so this is really exciting for me! So to ramp up that excitement here’s possibly my favourite Busted song and definitely one of their best, Year 3000!



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