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My Little Creative Box – October

Yes, it’s November, yes, I’m only just posting my Little Box review, no, it’s actually not my fault! There was some mix-up which meant I never received my box despite it showing as having been delivered. Thankfully Shannon at the My Little Box UK care team is top-notch and sorted me out with a replacement.
It was another horrible day today so I thought I’d do another cosy theme with my photos this month.


This time the little quote inside was not so much a quote as a competition to be able to win 3 months’ worth of boxes. I quite like my photo of the sticker so maybe I’ll share that! (Unless I’m too late.)
The little postcard this month had one of my favourite quotes on, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein. The little goodies inside were a packet of beads to wrap around your headphones to keep them looking fresh (£16, from and a little My Little Box tote bag (£15, from The tote bag will no doubt come in handy with English stores charging 5p for carrier bags, and the wire beads are a great idea.


The beauty products were a little disappointing to be honest, because they’re all skincare moisturiser type things, which I don’t use, and no make up items this month, but you win some and you lose some, I suppose.
1) Photo-Hydra Day by Talika, £43.50 for 50ml. This is a hydrating cream and gives you a glow, apparently. At the price it is, it must be good. But I’ll probably give this to my mum as she’s always trying to hydrate her face.
2) Un Songe d’Or Beauty Oil by Aïny, £29 for 100ml. Looking at the bottle there’s no way of knowing what this actually is, and the back isn’t much help either, so thankfully My Little Box give you little cards to tell you about the products. Apparently this is also hydrating and nourishing, the only differences are that this is an oil and that you can use it on your face, body, and hair.
3) Crème de Minuit by My Little Beauty, £15 for 40ml. This is the only product from the box that I feel likely to use, it’s a night cream that tackles your dark bags under your eyes and boots oxygen into your skin. Hopefully it’ll make me feel a bit refreshed, because I’ve been feeling really run down lately.
I’ve seen quite a few people saying they were a little disappointed with this box. For something that’s meant to have a theme of creativity I didn’t find it particularly inspiring. But the November box shouldn’t be too far off, (providing the post person can actually deliver it this time around) so hopefully that’ll be a bit better than this one. Sad face.

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