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Christmas Gift Ideas

1) Gift Card £10-£300, from Debenhams
2) Génefique Serum 30ml Gift Set, £59, Lancôme 
3) Clean Cotton Small Jar Candle, £8.99, from Yankee Candle
4) Christmas In Tahoe by Train, £8.99, from Amazon
5) Apple TV, from £129, from Apple
6) The Walking Dead Glenn Figurine by Funko Pop!, £8.99 from Forbidden Planet

Ah Christmas, we meet again. I’ve been expecting you. I’m not a fan of shopping at the best of times so I’m sure it won’t surprise you that I intend on, as I have for the past 3 years, doing all my shopping online from the safety of my own house. Actually, I quite like checking out Amazon’s Black Friday deals for extra bits to bulk out people’s presents. I rarely manage to get much, but it’s fun to look and get ideas. That said, I do have some ideas of what to get already, for main gifts.

Mum’s Gifts
Okay so when it comes to gift cards, I think you’re pretty much either for or against them. On the one hand you might think they’re really impersonal and a bit of a cop-out gift. But, like me, you might think that they’re perfect – people can save them up and go out and spend it on something they have their eye on. Maybe that’s just my perspective, as someone who prefers to receive gift cards. Some places, like Debenhams, even have special packages when you spend a certain amount on a gift card. For example, last year, I bought a £50 gift card for mum and it came with a free coffee, a consultation with a personal stylist, a makeover from the make up stand of your choice, amongst other things, as well as the £50 to spend. Definitely worth looking into!
Empties are always a good thing to replace around Christmas time. I have a little snoop around mum’s room whilst she’s out to see what she’s running out of then pop down to Boots or head online to see if there are any special gift sets on offer, which there tend to be. The Lancôme gift sets tend to be good because they contain a few things from one range, which the person probably uses anyway, which then saves them having to buy those things, too!
My mum has always loved her candles, she even used to have a whole cabinet full of them in our old house. So a good candle is always going to be a safe bet, and she’s always loved the smell of clean cotton, so that probably helps. I would probably drag her down to the nearest Yankee Candle retailer for a sniff before committing, though.

Brother’s Gifts
As I mentioned in my July Gift Ideas post around his birthday, my brother is incredibly difficult to buy gifts for. But a CD by a band he’s always loved has absolutely got to be one of the safest options, so I did a little amazon search and found that Train are putting out a new album, Christmas In Tahoe, this month. The only thing I’m umming and ahhing about is the fact that it’s full of Christmas songs, but I have a feeling he’d actually listen to Christmas songs if Pat Monahan was crooning them out.
Alright, so my mum and I might need to club together if we were to get him the Apple TV set, but he spends a lot of time in his room and he doesn’t have Sky up there, so this would let him watch a few more things than Freeview currently does. I’m between Apple TV and getting him the Amazon Fire stick instead, to be honest, they serve almost the same purpose but one is significantly cheaper than the other.
Lastly, my brother is a big fan of The Walking Dead, and last year my friend Jade gave me a Funko bobblehead of Jaime Lannister from Game Of Thrones, which my brother was admiring, so a bobblehead of Glenn from TWD might be a good idea too. No spoilers though!



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