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Throwback Thursday #1

With the Facebook ‘On This Day’ thing it’s really easy to get hold of good ‘Throwback Thursday’ photos, and I got a notification about this one today, so I thought I’d share it. Who knows, maybe this will become a regular thing!
On this day one year ago I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with an avulsion fracture in my left foot. I’d been to the doctor’s on Monday after hurting my foot on the Saturday (more on that in a moment) and he failed to notice anything, but told me to head to A&E if my foot started to bruise. After a long day at work, I got home and checked my foot out, and it was very bruised. So long story short, after the nurses managed to keep me there several hours after losing my file, I came out with a moon boot and a pair of crutches, and a sick note for 2 weeks off work…
This all came about after I wore a stupid pair of wedges on a night out, and managed to take a tumble after getting a bit too over-enthusiastic when Blink-182 came on. Ah. In all fairness I did think the wedges would be fine, they’re the ones I wore on my graduation and I successfully didn’t fall whilst crossing the stage. Alas, I misjudged myself.
Anyway thankfully I was back on my feet two weeks later because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to go to the Manchester United match on my birthday! Consider it a lesson learnt, I haven’t touched those wedges since. But I still get over-enthusiastic when Blink-182 comes on whilst I’m on a night out. Naturally.

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