Four For Friday · NaBloWriMo

Four For Friday #24

Four… Best games from my childhood

On Thursday Nintendo announced that Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow are all scheduled for release for Virtual Console on the 3DS which got me thinking back to all the games I used to have back in the day. Here’s a list of my four favourites (in no particular order)!
1) Pokemon Yellow
Growing up in Germany meant my copies of Pokemon Red and Blue were both completely in German and I only understood what was happening by the context half the time. But my brother managed to get hold of a version of Pokemon Yellow in English for me and I still have the cartridge somewhere. I loved the way the only real difference in the game was the fact you had Pikachu following you around everywhere. I can’t wait to get a copy for the Virtual Console!
2) Pokemon Snap
Pokemon Snap was the first game I got with my Nintendo 64 (Pikachu edition). It looked like this:

I remember setting it up on Christmas Day and my older cousins pushing me out of the way telling me they get to have a go first. That didn’t go down well with Grandma. Or my mum. Or theirs. Muahaha. Pokemon Snap got you to catch Pokemon in a different way – you took photos of them! And there were always little tricks too, like when you threw enough rocks at Snorlax he woke up, but only after you took a photo of him in a later level… And these were the days where we figured this stuff out without the internet!

3) Sim Town

I never actually owned a copy of Sim Town but we used to be allowed to play it on the school computers when we finished our typing lessons. You literally built your own town and gave people jobs and cars and stuff. It was like a mini version of the actual Sims, and you didn’t get to play as any Sim in particular, just as the almighty creator. I’ve seen a Flash browser version of this game before, I might have to give it another play!
4) Gameboy Tetris

Tetris is obviously the ultimate classic video game. Everyone knows Tetris. Slotting all the weird shapes together to make full lines to try and get rid of all the blocks. The panic when they started coming way too quickly and then crossed the red line at the top of the screen and you realised you’d completely failed that level. The version I had even played four little songs in the background to keep you going in case you’d forgotten your Walkman, or needed the batteries out of your Walkman to power your Gameboy. Those were the days..!


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