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Review: Mr. Robot

I wanted to watch Mr. Robot because I think Rami Malek is a fantastic actor and because I like computer things, and the show just looked really interesting. I’m two episodes in (this seems to be becoming a trend, reviewing shows two episode in) and it’s really riveting! I was actually only going to watch the pilot before writing a little review but it ended on such a cliffhanger that I couldn’t just stop.
The show follows Elliot, a computer programmer, and his job at an Internet security firm. In the first episode we see him rushing to try and save the company his firm is contracted to secure from a DDOS attack, but it turns out it’s not just any DDOS attack, and Elliot gets visited on his way home by a man calling himself Mr. Robot, who has a proposition for him.
Like I say, I started watching the show because I’m a fan of the main actor and because I have an interest in the topic, and I have to admit, I think an interest in the subject is pretty necessary because it can get a little technical at times, and I can definitely see how people might find it boring. But I really enjoyed it and I can only suggest you watch the first episode and see if it’s your kind of thing! Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto. PS, the fact the whole series is already online made it really difficult to find pictures without seeing spoilers! Argh!

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