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Things From The Week #16

Honestly, I could tell you all about the various Busted related things that happened this week, but it all pales in comparison to what happened on Friday 13th, 2015.
Several different terrorist attacks took place across various locations in Paris, killing at least 100 people. France has entered 3 days of mourning and the world has joined them.
It’s hard to think about much else when there’s still such tragedy taking place all over the world. It’s particularly difficult knowing that one of these terrible attacks was during a rock show in a venue a number of my friends have visited. Several friends of mine have made wonderful points about how you go to a live music show to take your mind off of the troubles in the world, you never consider that you and other gig goers might not make it out alive. In the news they interviewed a few people who were there and said that it sounded like firecrackers – they thought it was part of the show. That’s so difficult to get my head around. And tragically the band’s merch guy, who has sold merch for a few of my favourite bands, was killed in the fire.
What I feel is most hard hitting about all of this is the fact that everyone who lost their life was doing things they enjoyed – the attacks took place at a gig, a football match and in a restaurant.
My thoughts are with the families of everyone caught up in the tragedy and everyone in Paris right now.

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