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My Little Sweet Box – November

Thankfully it looks like my My Little Box deliveries are back to normal, as this one has arrived on time this month! I saw on the website earlier in the month (when I needed to contact MLB about my absent October box) that the theme was going to be Sweet, which I was really excited about! Sadly, there were no actual sweets inside the box.

The first thing that caught my eye, and I think the eye of everyone who has reviewed this box so far, was the fact that it’s actually a little tin! Normally the boxes are cardboard but this is a cute, reusable tin. I was really excited about this, I think it’s a brilliant idea! The sticker this time encourages you to eat dessert first, because life is too short to make yourself wait. I just think that you can’t have a very good main meal if you find yourself wishing it away so you can have your dessert.
There was the usual My Little World magazine inside too, and instead of a little postcard there was an  introduction to Mimi Thorisson, a food blogger whose kitchen secrets are featured in this month’s box.
The tin itself is included in one of the lifestyle pieces, which you can buy for £7.50, along with a My Little Chef apron, £11 and some jar stickers, £3. I’ll reuse the tin for something, but I never wear an apron when I bake, and I’m still living at home so I doubt mum will want these stickers on her jars.

Last month’s beauty products were all a bit disappointing, and I’m afraid to say, this month wasn’t hugely better.

1) So Elixir Bois Sensuel by Yves Rocher, £52 for 50ml. This is a little perfume bottle and it smells quite fresh and a little fruity, it smells like a perfume my mum used to use. It’s really strong though, a little bit goes really far.
2) Fabulous Foaming Face Wash by Bliss, £17.50 per 197ml. I find that my Garnier face wash often manages to go up in price with no good reason so maybe I should try this out, it says it purifies, cleanses, and exfoliates, which is always good. I like exfoliating pearls though, which there are none of, because they make it feel like your face wash is actually doing something.
3) Sweet Hand Cream by My Little Beauty. There’s no information about this hand cream on the little cards provided so I don’t know how much it is, and there’s nothing on the My Little Corner website. But it’s a very thick cream – I put a small amount on my hands and just had to wash it right off because it wasn’t absorbing at all, and my hands were just covered with a layer of white. On top of that, it doesn’t smell very nice.

I’m not really very impressed but I guess it must be hard for them to keep coming up with ideas for things to do with each box every month. I just really hope next month’s is better..!



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