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I love snooping through people’s iTunes or their various playlists to see what they’re listening to. In school people used to compare me to Peyton Sawyer from One Tree Hill, the moody music girl with a thing for Fall Out Boy. I love reading people’s music-I’ve-been-listening-to-recently blog posts too, so I thought I’d make one myself! I’ve been feeling a little down lately but listening to these tunes has been helping me feel better.

Twenty One Pilots – I used to be a bit undecided on whether or not I actually like TOP, there were a few songs that were good but then there was this weird rapping? Not my usual type of genre. But then I went to see them live earlier in the month and I can confirm I’m now fully within their fandom. I’ve gone with five of their songs, all of them are the types of earworms that just won’t budge!
Busted – I can clearly remember the day they split up, I was in the school library and the library monitor was sitting at the PC with headphones on and just quietly comes up to me and says “you should see this.” And showed me the clip of their press conference. What an awful day that was! But they’re back together now and I’ve got a ticket to see them play in Manchester next May which I’m super excited about!
Fall Out Boy – Naturally. My favourite band, they never fail to make me feel better. I feel like I deserve some credit for only picking four songs because I could have easily made a much longer playlist.
All Time Low – I find ATL are the type of band where you can’t be sad listening to them. It could be to do with how immensely proud I am of all their recent success because I have seen them play tiny venues and work up to playing arenas, but I don’t get any sadness listening to them. As it stands they’re the next band I’m seeing, in February, and I’m already buzzing!
Cobra Starship – You know when you see something that’s really horrifying but you actually can’t make yourself look away? Right, Cobra Starship broke up last week, and I feel like I can’t look away, in terms of, I just want to keep listening to their music on repeat. I used to listen to them on my way to college almost every day during 2009. Fangs up, Cobra style!
You can check out my musical selections on my Spotify playlist below. Enjoy! What’ve you been listening to lately?



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