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Birthday Wishlist

birthday wishlist

My birthday is coming up – it’s actually two weeks today! – and my Mum and brother keep asking me what I want. I don’t really want or need anything, so I’ve told them a couple of things, but they aren’t having it. I’ve compiled a list of things I’ve mentioned to them that are apparently not really birthday present ideas, because these are honestly the only things I could think of!

Guitar Hero Live for PlayStation 3, £49.99, from Amazon
Okay, to be fair they’ve both said they would get me this. But I said they should split the cost. So I don’t know how that conversation’s going to go down. I had Guitar Hero III, and then I heard they were releasing a new one, and I love quite a few of the songs they’ve put on it.

Fall Out Boy Jersey, $30 (around £20), from Fall Out Boy’s GoMerch site
You can never have too much Fall Out Boy Merchandise, in my opinion, and so why not add another shirt to my collection? Obviously, though, I won’t mention this to anyone, because the shipping charges from the US to the UK are ludicrous and then with the conversion of the price, you’d probably have to pay import tax on top of it all, and the price just mounts up. Maybe I can treat myself, instead.

Snow Fairy 500g bottle, £12.75, from Lush
I reviewed Lush’s Snow Fairy shower gel earlier this month, and given that it’s not around all year and it smells amazing, I figure I might as well stock up before it stops being available again.

Cupcake Gift Card, £30-£500, from Amazon
Obviously I feel bad that the minimum amount you can spend on an Amazon cupcake gift card is £30 but look how cute it is! Last year I got a couple of Amazon gift vouchers but they were Christmas themed, and since my birthday is only December 2nd, I don’t think it’s fair to get away with that!

Bonus mention – birthday pizza
In 2014, Fall Out Boy gave Pete Wentz a birthday pizza. He’s probably somewhere near as into pizza as I am, so I think I’d like a birthday pizza this year instead of (/as well as?!) a cake. Last year I had a giant Millie’s cookie cake, but it turned out to be a bit too sickly, and it got stale a lot faster than Millie’s normal cookies usually do. But with a birthday pizza you just know that’s gonna get eaten straight away. I can try and convince my mum this is a good idea.

I have my birthday off work, but I don’t actually know what to do for it, if anything. The work Christmas Do will have been the weekend before, and I’ve booked the following Saturday off work, so hopefully I can drag my friends out on the Friday night!



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