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Four For Friday #25


Four… Most recent Google searches

1) “WhatsApp Web”


I was messaging my friend Jess when she says, “I’ve got WhatsApp on my laptop!” So I asked her what was going on, I didn’t know this was a thing?! She told me to search for it and it would come up with the WhatsApp web client, so I’ve just been messaging people from it since, just for the fun of it. I’ve even messaged people I normally just text, that’s how much I’m enjoying WhatsApp Web!

2) “Don’t take it so personally, you’re not the only one”

I was looking for a specific Facebook status for yesterday’s post and as I was scrolling I spotted this one, and I thought to myself, ‘I don’t even know what song that’s from anymore!’ (In my defence, music has evolved a lot since then.) The song was That’s Where You’re Wrong by the Arctic Monkeys! I used to be a real indie kid five years ago and I think five-years-ago me would hate the fact that I’ve gone back to listening to mainstream pop punk again. Ah well.

3) “Merry Pugmas sweater”


At work yesterday a few of us were discussing our upcoming Christmas Jumper day, and as we work for a clothes store, we assumed that, like last year, our Christmas jumpers had to be from our store itself. Our manager said that this year we could wear jumpers from anywhere, and my friend Jade told us she’d seen one on Missguided said ‘Merry Pugmas’ on it and she’s going to get that if we’re allowed any jumper! She was trying to find a picture on the Missguided website itself and I suggested it might be easier just to Google it. Brains of the operation, me.

4) “Pete Wentz shocked face”

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 18.16.43

I’ve always liked to use reaction pictures/gifs so I was trying to find this picture of Pete Wentz looking shocked, although in hindsight he just looks more embarrassed than anything. I couldn’t find the picture I was actually looking for on my Google search so I went to the music video and did my own screen grab of it. And then I forgot what I was going to use it for. Aw.

What were your four most recent Google searches? Or would you rather not share them?!

Birthday Wishlist

Birthday Wishlist


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