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Review: Now You See Me 2 Trailer


The official trailer for the Now You See Me Sequel (with the sub-title of The Second Act) was released on Thursday, November 19th! When I first heard about the first Now You See Me movie, it looked like the most amazing thing – I saw the trailer on Tumblr and just had one of those moments where I needed to know absolutely everything there was to know about this movie. The film itself was not strictly well received in most reviews, but I absolutely loved it. When they announced there was going to be a sequel, I was a little unsure – it seemed like they left it off in such a great place for it to be a standalone movie and that any sequels would just be a weird rip off of that. Here’s the trailer:

I’m pretty much amazed by this trailer, I can’t believe I doubted the filmmakers, it looks brilliant. Although, until I watched this, I didn’t realise Isla Fisher would be replaced, but it makes sense given the small  fact of her having a baby. I just hope they’ve devised a real reason for her character not being there, and a good reason for Lizzy Caplan’s character to be there instead!
The movie is due for release on June 10th, 2016, and I intend on booking my ticket as soon as my local cinema starts booking for it. I think for now I need to sit down and rewatch the brilliant original though!

Birthday Wishlist
Birthday Wishlist


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