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Things From The Week #18

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Birthday Plans

This week there were some troubles with trains in Birmingham, it seems, and my friend Jade was worried about not being able to get home. So that evening I texted her to check and see if she’d gotten home okay, and she said “No, but…” and sent the photo above. When I lived in Germany I went to Holland quite a lot and grew fond of these tiny, fluffy pancakes called Poffertjes, and when I told Jade about them she’s like, I know what they are! So naturally I got jealous, and had some Poffertje FOMO and long story short, the weekend after my birthday I’m now heading down to Birmingham and spending time with Jade. I’m not remotely excited in the slightest, and I’m definitely not already counting down. (12 days.)

Moving To WordPress


On Wednesday I decided to move my blog over from Blogger to WordPress, I’d been thinking about this for quite a while but I finally took the plunge. It took a while (or, at least it felt like it, because I’m an incredibly impatient person and wanted the DNS settings to switch over right away) but we got there in the end and I’m really happy with it. I might write up a post on the move next week!

Stila Delivery

On Wednesday I started to notice that my liquid eyeliner was going a bit dry, so I popped an order into Stila via their UK website and the new one arrived on Friday! I love this eyeliner, it says it stays all day and it actually does, it lasts ages, and delivery is fast, but also free! I had a problem with my order once and their customer services are flawless, I really can’t recommend them enough!

Amazon Pony Advert

I don’t like horses, but I’m a sucker for a tiny pony. So this advert immediately caught my eye, naturally! Although I find it painful watching things where innocent people (or tiny ponies) are being treated badly. But everything works out in the end! You can hardly tell it’s an advert for Amazon..!

Birthday Wishlist

Birthday Wishlist


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