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Four For Friday #26

Four(teen)… Rejected Pop Punk Holiday Songs

I was inspired by a ’15 Rejected Kylie Christmas Songs’ that I saw in passing scrolling through Facebook – I thought this was a brilliant idea, so here are fourteen pop punk Holiday songs that could have been.

  1. Reindeer Maria, Count Me In by All Time Low

    christmas atl
  2. The Mistletoe by Jimmy Eat World
  3. Flavor Of The Weak (Peppermint) by American Hi-Fi
  4. Five Minutes To Midnight On Christmas Eve by Boys Like Girls
  5. Gift All The Bad Guys Want by Bowling For Soup
  6. My Songs Snow What You Did In The Dark by Fall Out Boy

    christmas fob
  7. Santa For A Day by Pierce The Veil ft. Kellin Quinn
  8. Sleigh Away by Yellowcard
  9. All I Wanted (For Christmas) by Paramore
  10. Don’t Leave Me Coal by Blink-182
  11. In Too Deep Snow by Sum 41
  12. Happy Holidays by Green Day
  13. The Christmas Lights by Panic! At The Disco

    christmas bden
  14. And finally, an entire album of Christmas songs, Rudolph Ranch by Blink-182

Okay, so maybe not. But luckily Hopeless Records have you covered with an entire Spotify playlist of actual Pop Punk Holiday Songs. You know, the ones that didn’t get rejected. Check it out below!

Birthday Wishlist
Birthday Wishlist


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