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Review: Mockingjay Part 2


This Thursday Louise and I went to see Mockingjay Part 2, the final film in The Hunger Games series. When the books came out we were still feeling a little lost after the end of Harry Potter, and let’s not even mention Twilight, shall we not?
The Hunger Games was a little different, it was about a strong, female character, and whilst it hinted at a love triangle, it wasn’t the focal point of the books. The books were always about Katniss’ desire to protect her family. Then the first movie came out, and suddenly the whole media were about ‘Peeta vs Gale’ and hardly any mention of Primrose. Thankfully they hired a different director after the first movie, and the final three were a vast step up in quality.


There were a couple of deviations, but for the most part we have to credit the film makers for staying very close to the book’s plot. And if you’ve read the book, then yes, that thing still happens, and Louise and I ended up sitting there dreading it, knowing it was going to happen.
Ultimately I have to say like, although this was definitely not the best movie, it did the series justice as a finale and it gave fans the closure they deserve. Now to find a new worldwide phenomenon to get pulled into..!

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Birthday Wishlist



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