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Things From The Week #19

Aleksandr Orlov

When Louise and I went to see Mockingjay Part 2 this week, we spotted someone special sitting outside the cinema, so naturally we had to make a friend. When I showed my mum she said, did you steal him and take him into the screen with you?! Not realising there was a special stand set up outside, haha!

Fa La La La FOB

Some people use Black Friday to snatch things away from other people, whereas Fall Out Boy saw it as an opportunity to launch some exclusive Christmas merch. We can wear any Christmas jumper we like for our Christmas jumper day at work this year and it’s safe to say I’ve found mine!

Work Christmas Do

We had our Christmas do on Saturday and being a Responsible Admin Assistant™ I had to get ready at work before we closed the shop. We went on a barge where there was a little dance floor and had a Chritmas meal, and then a few of us went out afterwards. But because our taxi was booked to pick us up over the road, we had to run over in the rain, before getting a call saying they were actually outside the shop, so we had to run back, still in the rain. And it wasn’t just drizzle, it was absolutely chucking it down. We got soaked. So I’m glad I got a photo because I definitely didn’t stay looking like this for long!

Aldi Christmas Advert

This week Aldi released a Christmas advert that was sort of a parody of the John Lewis one. If you’re not familiar, a lot of people consider the John Lewis advert to be the Christmas ad. I’m not convinced. Anyway, Aldi’s has a little twist on it as the star of one of their old adverts makes an appearance. Give it a watch!

Birthday WishlistBirthday Wishlist


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