Penguin Of The Month

Penguin Of The Month: December

© 2014 Westend61 / Alamy

“A penguin’s short, sturdy wings allow it to “fly” under water, not in the air.”
It’s like a series of slightly older penguins this month, I kind of wanted to hold the picture up and be like IT’S THE CIIIIIIIRCLE OF LIIIIIIIIFE!!!
This is the last ever Penguin Of The Month! It’s been great sharing my penguin calendar with you all every month and I hope you’ve all enjoyed it! I’ve made a custom Fall Out Boy calendar for next year, so I may or may not share that, we shall see.
Birthday Wishlist

Penguin of the Month is taken from the Brown Trout Penguins 2015 calendar. All copyrights belong to Brown Trout and the quoted copyright owner.



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