Four For Friday

Four For Friday #27

Four… things I love, that other people hate

1) Marmite


This one is pretty obvious. It’s the target of the main love/hate campaign in the UK. I am firmly in the ‘love it’ camp, but my mum and brother both absolutely hate the stuff. I like to eat it with cheese on a sandwich or just on top of some melted cheese on toast. I reckon a blob of Marmite in spaghetti would even be delicious!

2) Driving

For some reason a lot of people I know hate to drive. We’ll be going somewhere, and I’ll offer to drive (because I love it) and they’ll be all like, “are you sure? I hate driving haha…” And I’ll explain again that I’ve always loved it, my parents love driving, everyone in my family is a brilliant driver and honestly we’re kind of show-offs about it, too. Where people would consider driving halfway down the country to be a long trip and look at trains, I’m thinking “I can drive that!” I love the motorway too – that’s another thing a lot of my friends seem to seize up when it comes to thinking about!

3) Flying


I mean, I got on my first plane when I was 6 weeks old, and I’ve always been here, there, and everywhere thanks to my dad’s job, so travelling has kind of always been in my blood. I know that for some people flying is a genuine fear, and I respect that, but some people just hate going on planes, and feel the need to whinge constantly the whole way. But I love it, I feel like travelling is half of the fun of going on holiday!

4) Wrapping


It’s coming up to that time of year where everyone’s stressing about buying presents and then stressing out even more about wrapping them. But my mum taught me how to do it perfectly from a really young age so I love it. I even love the challenge of wrapping things that are shaped weirdly. People always ask me to wrap their things for them, and then always laugh when I say sure. I guess they don’t realise I’m being sincere… In fact, as soon as I finish this post, I’m going to be wrapping a few things that are getting delivered tomorrow!

What are some things you love that other people hate?

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