Things From The Week

Things From The Week #20


Birthday Pizza

It was my birthday on Wednesday, and if you read my Birthday Wishlist post, you’ll know I wanted a birthday pizza like Fall Out Boy got for Pete on one of his birthdays. I went to an Italian restaurant with my mum and brother, and mum sneakily went up to the waitress and asked her if she could please put a candle on my pizza. She said it was the best/strangest request she’s had to date..!

Adele Tickets…

I’m not an Adele fan. At all. But when your friend tells you that you’re the best ticket buyer she knows and asks for help buying tickets, you can’t really say no. I’m sad, then, to report that the ticket buying process was an absolute farce. I wish Adele’s team had just used Ticketmaster, because the two small websites they used instead both clearly needed a few extra servers. Being held in a queue for an hour and a half to get through, then receive the error message above, is frankly ludicrous. And needless to say Songkick haven’t commented on this shocking attempt at a presale at all.

“Our Santa’s way better than yours!”

I’ve been so excited to come to Birmingham and see my friend Jade ever since we first made the plans, and this Saturday was finally the day! We went to the Christmas markets and I couldn’t help but notice their attempt at a Santa. He’s nothing compared to our Zippy Santa in Manchester! And I got my Poffertjes, but the vendor put granulated sugar on instead of powdered sugar so I was somewhat disappointed by that. I got to meet Jade’s mum for the first time too and she’s just an awesome human being. I definitely need to make more trips to Birmingham in future!

Good Charlotte – Makeshift Love

This video may have been out for 3 weeks already but I’ve only just seen it this week. To be honest, I was only half paying attention to it, and I thought, this is quite a good song, I wonder who it is? And happened to look up as the artist information came up, and I was so shocked! I had to rewind and watch the video giving it my full attention, they just look so odd in the video! I’m so glad Good Charlotte are back though, and I really can’t wait to see them support All Time Low in February!


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