Throwback Thursday #4

This is another university themed throwback today. First things first, though, a bit of backstory.
There is was a TV show called Misfits which was really popular in the UK around 2009/2010, and I absolutely loved it, I considered it one of my favourite shows, for sure. The premise was, there’s this ragtag group of misfits, who are all serving community service for various stupid crimes. One day, they get stuck in a big old storm, with thunder, lightning, hailstones, the works. They all get zapped and find that they all feel a bit weird aftwerwards. They slowly begin to discover various super powers, such as being able to hear others’ thoughts, and turning invisible. With that in mind…


My flat mate and I had headed into uni to hand in some coursework, and on the way out, a huge sheet of ice started to slide off the slanted roof. I ran, but the falling ice seemed to follow me, until I got out of the gate. (My flat mate had already been waiting outside of the gate throughout this ordeal.) We spent the rest of the walk trying to figure out what my super power could be. In the show, there’s one character who’s all gutted thinking he doesn’t have a power, until it turns out he’s actually immortal. “Shall I push you in front of a car and we can test it?” I had such lovely friends at uni.


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