Four For Friday

Four For Friday #28

Four… favourite alternative Christmas jumpers. 

Today, Friday, December 18th, is UK National Christmas jumper, organised by Text Santa in aid of Save The Children. A lot of schools and workplaces are taking part in this event for the fee of a donation to the charity. Where I work, we’re actually doing it for a whole weekend, because last year, loads of people (myself included) were a bit gutted we couldn’t take part. So although I can be a bit of a Christmas grump, it’s for a good cause, and I’m going to be taking part. However, I still don’t do things by halves, so naturally I’ve got a Christmas jumper with a twist, and picked out a few more cool ones too.

1) Fall Out Boy – This really shouldn’t come as a surprise to absolutely anybody, as I really have told anyone who will listen about this jumper. I was getting really worried that it wouldn’t turn up in time but thankfully it arrived on Wednesday! I’m planning on wearing this to work and then again on Christmas Day itself with my family. Those memes about the emo cousin? That’s me.

2) All Time Low – I think anyone who likes All Time Low kind of universally agreed that their merchandise tends to be absolute rubbish most of the time. So when they brought out this Christmas jumper, I was really surprised that it’s not awful! That said, it was one of a few different Christmas jumpers they did, and the other ones were pretty hideous.

3) Storm Trooper – This one is almost definitely going to be a bestseller what with all the Star Wars hype at the moment. I personally just really love how they’ve made the little Storm Trooper look like he’s been knitted into the fabric of the jumper. Perfect to wear to watch the movie this weekend!

4) Batman – Another classic style Christmas jumper except with the Batman logo emblazoned on the front with a tiny Batman underneath, too. To be honest with you, I couldn’t find any other superhero Christmas jumper. You can bet that if there was a Deadpool one it would be there instead though. Sorry Batman. I still love you.


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