Things From The Week

Things From The Week #21


Starbucks with Jess
My friend Jess, who you may remember from such classic posts as (Science Fiction) Double Feature, moved to London for uni in September and I hadn’t seen her since. But last week (this is more of a Things From The Fortnight really) she came back up north for a few days before jetting off to New York for Christmas. I’m not jealous at all. We met up for a hearty Starbucks and I caught her up on all the gossip from work (there wasn’t much) and we just had a really good time together. We’ve already made plans for January and to see the new Star Trek together when it comes out! (More on that frontier in a minute.)

O Tannenbaum

In my house Christmas isn’t allowed to start until at least a week after my birthday, but we kind of really took the biscuit this year, we only got our tree this Monday. We always get a real tree, and then I always recline and watch mum decorate whilst she complains that nobody ever helps her. Then I hang, like, one decoration up, and take joint decorating credit.

Christmas Jumper Day

As discussed in my most recent Four For Friday post, this Friday was Christmas Jumper day in aid of Save The Children. I took the opportunity to help a good cause and wore my new Fall Out Boy jumper to work on Saturday (ours was a 3-day event). A few people asked about my jumper, most notably my store manager, who had actually heard of FOB, which I was really impressed about! None of the other managers had heard of them. Awks.

Star Trek Beyond Trailer

This week, amidst all of the Star Wars hype (which, for the record, was really good) the good folks over at Star Trek’s promo team saw an opportunity and took it. They dropped the trailer for Star Trek Beyond on Tuesday, and let me just tell you right now, this movie looks incredible. I thought it would be a risk making another movie without JJ Abrams, but Justin Lin, who did a few Fast & Furious movies, seems to have some very capable hands on him. I can’t wait!


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