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Four For Friday #29

Four… best moments from 2015.

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here’s to 2016 – I hope it brings you all everything you deserve!
I felt like I wanted to round up my favourite moments of 2015, and they ended up all being related to going to shows. And I just think it says a lot, about live music being such a pivotal part of life for a hell of a lot of people, myself included. So here are the four best moments of 2015 for me!

4) Seeing Twenty One Pilots57d77-blogger-image-372285119

Actually this one’s still a little bit left field. I remember hearing Car Radio and being like “…whyyy is everyone so into this band?!” And after giving the rest of their music a chance I started to like them to the point of needing to see them live. That had been a particularly stressful day at work too, and my friend bailed on me, so it was really good to go all in and get absorbed in it all.

3) Seeing All Time Low headline a sold-out Wembley Arena

"All Time Low"

Pretty much one of my favourite anecdotes is how I’ve been a fan of All Time Low from very near the start of their career and because I’ve been lucky enough to see them play tiny venues and progressively get bigger. They’re one of my favourite bands and I’m very protective of them. There’s one song, Therapy, that always makes people cry, and I’ve been so proud not to have ever cried at it… until Wembley came along. Alex gave a speech about what I just said – their growing up and playing gradually bigger venues and eventually headlining a sold-out Wembley. I just sobbed with proudness!

2) Meeting All Time Low

Despite having been a fan for so long, I never actually met the guys until February 2015, so that was a massive highlight. And then, like the anecdote with the busses, I met them twice in one week. They’re honestly such fantastic guys, I’m glad I finally got to meet them!

1) Finally meeting Fall Out Boy

This is naturally my number one highlight of the entire year, if not maybe my entire life. No, I’m not being dramatic! When you’ve had the same heroes for 11 years they become more than just your favourite band, they’re a ginormous part of your life. When Fall Out Boy went on hiatus in 2009 I was devastated – my mum had only just started letting me go to shows, but I’d never gotten to see my favourite band. And who knew when I’d be able to?! They got back together in 2013 and I went all out trying to get tickets for their tiny reunion show in London, but wasn’t successful. I eventually saw them for the first time in March 2014 but in October 2015 I met my heroes. This photo is still everywhere – it’s framed on my wall, it’s my phone background, my iPad background, my laptop background, my cover photo on Facebook, in a pinned tweet on my Twitter, even the cover of one of my Pinterest boards. So yeah, I’m certain this was the best moment of my 2015, and pretty sure it’s one of the best in my life. Believers never die.


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