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Four For Friday #30

Four… Gigs to look forward to in 2016.

1) All Time Low


I’m always so excited to see All Time Low, and I’m so glad to be seeing them again in February. I actually miss them when they’re not on tour – I really mean it when I say they’re one of my absolute favourites of all time. They are fantastic live, and even if someone only kind of likes the band I’d absolutely recommend they go and see them. I’m even going to see them twice, though I know people who are doing the whole tour!


2) Enter Shikari


Enter Shikari are the kind of band you listen to, but don’t really think about going to their shows. It seems like it’s going to be mad, especially in a small venue. But they’re playing in Manchester in February and The Wonder Years are supporting who I’ve wanted to see for so long. I’ve seen the band live at Leeds festival but that’s different!


3) Seeing Busted
Okay by now you’ve probably seen at least one post where I said I was so excited by McBusted because I never had the chance to see Busted when I was young, so when they announced they were reforming and doing a run of shows I was pretty much buzzing with excitement. I’m seeing them in May with Jade and I honestly can’t wait!

4) Slam Dunk


I’ve been to Leeds Festival twice but a festival in a big field is very different to an indoor festival. Slam Dunk is meant to be full of pop punk bands and people who listen to pop punk music, which sounds perfect for me, but somehow I’ve never been. I’ve never even thought of going to be honest. But this year I’ve found a friend from work to go with and we’re going (well, once we finally buy our tickets) and once again I’m really excited. I’ll finally get to see Panic! At The Disco live which is something I’ve wanted to do for such a long time now, but never been able to get round to it.

starry stephanie


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