Blue Monday

As if Mondays weren’t already rubbish enough, this one is even more depressing than all the rest: yes, today is Blue Monday.
Blue Monday tends to be the third Monday in January, and it’s been scientifically calculated (no, seriously, someone spent effort researching this) to be the most depressing day of the year. After the Christmas holidays and all the festivities have worn off, people are getting bored of their new diets and exercise regimes and trying to keep up with their new year’s resolutions, and they have to contend with today being the most depressing day, too. I’m a bit of an optimist (sometimes) so I didn’t want to let this stand without making an attempt to beat it, so here are my suggestions to make your Monday a slightly nicer shade of blue.

1) Eat some chocolate


They’re doing great things with science these days. There’s chocolate for diabetic people, chocolate for lactose-intolerant people, chocolate with popping candy in it… Go on. If you’re feeling a little down, help yourself to some chocolate. If you’re worried about your diet then have some dark chocolate. That’s apparently meant to actually be healthy for you! Besides which, people who go cold turkey on a diet are more likely to give it up than people who give themselves some leeway. And if you’re still wanting chocolate but feeling bummed out about it, there are some healthy cereal bars out there with chocolate bits in too. I’m not taking no for an answer here!

2) Have a relaxing bath


I’m not much of a bath person but I do know the value of a good soak. Pop some music on, chuck half the bottle of bubble bath in, or even drop a bath bomb in, light a candle, and relax. Even if it’s only like half an hour it can make you feel so much better.

3) Bake somethingimg_4118
Keeping yourself occupied means you stay distracted and less likely to remember whatever is getting you down. There are so many different things you can bake, and then you even get to eat it afterwards, what’s not to like?

4) If all else fails… Sleep


If you tried everything you could think of and Blue Monday is still making you blue, then call today a write off and have a nap. Or go to bed early, if you can’t nap during the day. Or curl up under your desk and hope your boss doesn’t notice.

What are your tips to beat Blue Monday?


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